TomTom Home 2.11.2

Windows software that allows you to easily manage your TomTom from your personal computer

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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TomTom Home is an update for the navigational services that are provided by It has improved the overall experience for the person using the services provided by TomTom in many ways.

By installing this program, it becomes a great deal easier for a user to install new maps and other navigational materials onto the account. This is critical because it will ensure that all of the necessary routes are able to be provided, as well as to make sure that all of the current maps are as up-to-date as possible.

The interface of the various TomTom devices has been vastly improved. This makes the navigational menus of the device easier to use, by displaying menus in obvious places and enlarging certain icons to make them more prominent.

Another way that TomTom Home makes TomTom devices easier to use is by creating a central location where all of the information with regards to both the computer navigation and the device navigation is able to be managed. This central location will often be the computer, but can be accessed by hitting the newly created "Manage My Device" button. This makes it easier to ensure that all of the necessary updates have been installed, as well as increases the overall synchronization between the two types of navigational systems.

TomTom Home has functions that will increase the optimization of hard drive space, including both the internal and external memory. This is very important because neither forms of memory are limitless. It is important to ensure that as much space as possible is available in order to make sure that the device is able to be efficient. It is also very easy to efficiently backup all of the information stored on the TomTom so that it is not lost in the case of a systems crash.

This program has also greatly improved the stability of the original TomTom system. Before, there were a plethora of error messages, which were difficult to overcome and could irritate the user. By improving system stability, these error messages can be decreased.

This program is completely compatible with Windows 7, which is one of the most popular operating systems. This improves its access to a large audience and makes it more likely to allow people to collaborate with one another to be able to navigate carefully.

The main downside with TomTom, as well as TomTom home, is that some of the services, such as smoothing out the speed camera, require a subscription. However, TomTom Home is able to slightly improve the smoothness of the camera and make the device much easier to use.

Pros of Downloading TomTom Home:

  • Easily Allows People to Manage their TomTom Devices
  • Adds a Variety of New Features to the TomTom
  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Easy System for Adding Maps

Cons of Downloading TomTom Home:

  • Certain Services Require a Subscription, Such as Speed Camera Smoothness
  • Extended Download Time

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